Coming Back to the Ranch by Véronique

Word Count 805

A big thanks to Laurie who helped me with this little story. The first I ever wrote: just a moment in Scott’s life!

The orange powdered sky was inflamed by a bright and dazzling light that filtered under chubby yellow clouds, piled and drifting. Clouds that rolled like shiny cotton strange animals. Touches of purple in hazy strips split in rags of darker purple. The light was fading in a potpourri of dark hues and the sky was gradually disappearing.” Here come the first stars! ” thought the young man.

With a straw in his mouth and his hands under his head , he looked intensely at the sky. He marveled at the blazing descent of the sun behind the hills and the fire of the sky above. His eyes prickled a little : a small punishment for having stolen such a beautiful spectacle. Scott laughed softly. He was glad to be alone at this precise moment. Not that he didn’t like his brother’s presence, because he did. He enjoyed being with the hands on the ranch, and of course, he was delighted to share precious moments with his family. But sometimes, he stumbled on sceneries like this, and he appreciated being on his own. He could let his mind fully open, and daydream without distractions. He took his time. He didn’t think about anything, he just felt like drifting. Drifting like the clouds he had seen. He smiled – drifting with them maybe. It was a strange, soft, rare, and precious feeling, especially because he hadn’t searched for it.

Scott felt so good tonight under all those stars twinkling like millions of fireflies, seeing the world as a field neatly prepared for the night feast. He heard the rustling of a slightly cool breeze that waved aromas of earth and grass. The song of the crickets made the air vibrate and from time to time, the cry of an owl tore up the flimsiness of the still air. Some muffled lowings he could hear, that seemed to overcome here and there, with a sort of victory.

Scott delayed the moment he would have to return to the ranch. He didn’t want to. Not now. Not tonight. He knew he would have to, but he thought he would take time for himself. Tonight he wanted to take off for a few hours. He wanted no talk, no questions, no argument and no banter. He just wanted to stay here, alone, nose up, eyelids fluttering, breath low, deep and calm. He was savoring the luxury of doing nothing, of looking at nobody, of dreaming his face against the stars while lying on a couch of thick and dried grass.

Minutes passed that stretched into others, longer, sweeter…Scott’s thoughts were torn out just as they began to take shape. He seemed to be the lazy spectator of himself, of his gently exploding mind.

The breeze smoothly brushed his face and helped a blond and very thin stray of hair go upward like a small spark in the moonlight. Oh yes! It was a beautiful and perfect night. Scott’s head began to roll gently to one side. The straw, loose between his parted lips, quivered slightly and, after a few seconds took off and stayed captured between his ear and a bang that was moving from time to time. Nothing more existed for the young man than this beneficial rest, here, on top of the hill, under the tree that could only provide a livid shadow. The day had been exhausting, with its procession of stenches, its hard work that still went on.

He had to accept it if he wanted to make it each day, under the terrible sun. A sun he had never known before, so violent it cut him into pieces, it burnt him, it blinded him, it made him sweat all the water his body contained in filthy and dusty rivers. Not to speak of the unbelievable pains that remained and made his body still sore and refusing to get used to this labour, even if things were much better.

He slept. How long ? Not very long. But when his horse whinnied impatiently for its feed to come, Scott opened his eyes, a little confused but feeling refreshed and at peace. He took his time to stretch on the ground, with a satisfied smile beginning to appear on his face. His horse whinnied again, louder this time, addressing him a reproach.

Scott stood up and stretched his body now grinning widely. “Whoa! C’mon boy! You don’t want to stress me now! Do you?”

The horse nodded up and down and Scott laughed when reaching his white spot in the middle of his forehead.

Scott looked around him, drinking all he could, winked to the stars and the full moon. He mounted his horse, addressed each thing as well as himself the deepest, serenest and happiest sigh. Then he kicked his horse and galloped to the ranch.

~ end ~

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3 thoughts on “Coming Back to the Ranch by Véronique

  1. Veronique,

    What a lovely first story! Full of intense imagery that plays with the reader’s senses. Nice job!



    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I wasn’t even waiting for another one to come now ! I’m very pleased you liked my first story and you took time to comment !


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