Other Thoughts by Winj

Word Count 1,210

Third in the Thoughts series, following Thoughts and Thoughts From The Other Side, and followed by Elder Thoughts

He stole a few glances at the man riding in the back of the surrey. His brother? Incredible but could it be true? The girl said it was and she seemed to know quite a lot about what was going on here. Much more than he. He remembered looking out the window of the stagecoach when it had stopped to pick him up. He looked no different than many of the people he had encountered along his trip. Since he had crossed the continental divide, in fact, he had seen more and more that he was dressed inappropriately for this leg of his trip. Not being one to worry about other’s perceptions however, it hadn’t concerned him. He had fallen on him, it wasn’t his fault. The driver could have given him a moment to get seated instead of lurching forward as he had done. This was another thing he had noticed. Polite and civil were not words many of these people seem to be familiar with. He had apologized though, which was impressive in itself. He wondered what this dark haired man was like. He had appeared on the side of the road with nothing more than a saddle. Where was he from? Who was his mother? He knew nothing of this man except he had a quick tongue. ‘He’s no Lancer’ he had said. How impudent to assume such a thing! As if he would lie about it! Heaven knew he had no reason to lie about who he was. He had come here to find out that very thing, who he was. He had defined his entire life by being the grandson of Harlan Garrett, not the son of Murdoch Lancer. A man he had never met and knew little to nothing about. His grandfather had told him almost nothing and he could tell the man was not fond of his former son-in-law. He had never given much credit to his grandfather’s accounts of the man for that very reason. He had decided to make up his own mind about this stranger.

But he hadn’t counted on this. He hadn’t counted on dealing with two strangers. He smiled a little to himself as he recalled his childhood. He would pray for a brother at night, knowing it could never be but praying all the same. The heaven’s were playing some sort of twisted trick on him now. Again, he wondered who this brash young man was. He wore his gunbelt differently than others he had seen in this wilderness. It was lower on his hip. He wondered if that was significant or simply a choice for comfort. His eyes were such a vivid blue, a deeper blue than his own and he had to assume his, their, father had blue eyes as well. But he was of mixed ethnicity, Scott could see that clearly, not that he cared about such things. He certainly had an easy smile but there was something deceptive about that grin. As if he really didn’t mean it, but was covering his true thoughts and feelings. He saw the coldness in those eyes when he first looked into them but then they changed so quickly. When the girl had told them they were indeed brothers, his eyes changed. They were filled with humor, an honest humor at the situation. He had found nothing humorous about it, he was more than a little perturbed by being kept in the dark about this little detail. But then, why should he have assumed the man never married again. He supposed he wasn’t ready to accept the idea of his father raising a family with him still in Boston. That would have been a slap in the face! To arrive here and have a whole family to contend with that he was not invited into for the past twenty four years. But that wasn’t the case at all. He didn’t live at Lancer either, this so-called brother of his. He was arriving, Scott assumed, by invitation as well. He wondered about his mother. Who she was and where she was and why he didn’t grow up with their father either. He supposed he would find out soon enough. If not from Murdoch Lancer, then he would ask the young man himself. He had never been timid, if he wanted to know something, he simply asked. It had always worked for him and he saw no reason it wouldn’t work here as well.

They stopped on a ridge and the girl announced that this was Lancer. Impressive, but he was not overly enthusiastic. He felt a knot forming in his stomach as he anticipated this first meeting with his father. He had no intention of being dismissed out of hand. He wanted answers and he intended to get them. He noticed the dark haired man did not look for very long, but dropped his eyes and sat back in the surrey. He wondered what he was thinking just then. What is the story behind those eyes? He was definitely intrigued. He had to admit, more intrigued with this than his father at the moment. The chance to have a real brother was something that had always been only a dream, a fantasy. Now, it seemed to have come true. But he was worried for some reason. This one seemed to be angry. He noticed more than once a disturbing look cross the brunette’s face when he took the opportunity to glance back and he wondered what he was thinking about.

As they rode through the gates, he heard many voices shouting in what he assumed was Spanish. He didn’t understand them but the girl was smiling and waving so he figured all was well. She brought them in to the foyer and indicated the closed door. He took a deep breath and knocked. He noticed his ‘brother’ was standing back a bit. Surely he isn’t afraid. Then again, why not? He was certainly more than a little nervous himself. He heard the booming voice call to come in and he opened the door wide. He walked straight into the middle of the room, removing his traveling gloves as he went, standing straight and proud. The brunette stood back once more, he noticed. He watched as the man arose from behind a huge desk and was a bit surprised by his height. Then, he was not intimidated by height. He had learned that the measure of a man was not in his stature but in his actions and his words. Well, he would hear what this man had to say, how he carried himself, and then he would decide if it was worth his while to try to have some sort of relationship with his father as well as his brother. He had been surprised but glad for the invitation as he had needed a change in his life for some time now. He decided before he even left Boston, that he would do everything in his power to make this work. He certainly didn’t need the promise of money to get him here, but he supposed his father couldn’t know that. Well, I’m here now so let’s see if this is going to work out or not.


To Elder Thoughts

Comments:  We don’t have this author’s current email address. If you leave a comment below, if she reconnects with the fandom, then she will see how much her work is appreciated.

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