Drabbles by Winj

Bein Legal -2012 Lancer Writers June Challange

Scott stared, slack-jawed as Murdoch ranted and raved. He was impressed with this particular display of the man’s ability to become enraged.

While he understood as he, too, was upset with Miller’s antics and, quite literal, horse thieving, this was a bit over the top.

Still, he wondered if the old man wasn’t about to bust a gut. Feeling he may need to intervene before that occurred, Scott calmly interjected, “Sir, perhaps you should talk to a lawyer.”

Murdoch turned and glared at him before finding his voice again. “A lawyer!? Bein legal don’t get the job done!”


Yesterday – 2010 Lancer Writers Word Challenge

Yesterday, I did anything I wanted, when I wanted

Today, I work by a clock

Yesterday, I was free as an alley cat

Today, I have responsibilities

Yesterday, I took men’s lives for money

Today, I break my back earning a living

Yesterday, my friends were untrustworthy

Today, my friends are loyal and true

Yesterday, I rode the open range

Today, I ride the fence line

Yesterday, I mourned my mother

Today, I forgive her

Yesterday, I hated my father

Today, I respect him

Yesterday, I thought I’d never see the age of thirty

Today, I dream of the future


The Curly Wolf

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, mi compadres posted a couple of short fics and challenged moi to post one as well. Sooo, I didn’t. LOL. They’ve been badgering me ever since! Espcially Lacy! So, with a whole lot of help from Las Triadas, paloma and cuervo, here it is. Thanks, Ladies. You’re just what I needed tonight – ahem! 

On a more serious note: Thanks G and Lacy for always helping me and giving me great ideas when I’m stuck inside my own brain!


Scott stepped out onto the hacienda’s veranda for a break and spotted Johnny over by the corral in deep conversation with Jelly. He
sauntered over, curious to find out what his brother and the grizzled handyman were talking about.

Jelly nodded in greeting to Scott, stuck one booted foot on the lower fence rail and said to both of the Lancer brothers, “Well, Ole Will
was sure glad to be above snakes, I’ll tell ya. It was a good thing he had his ace in the hole, otherwise he woulda had an Arkansas toothpick in his gut. Now, mind you, I wasn’t all-overish myself but, there musta been six of those boys that absquatulated when that curly wolf showed up. He commenced to knock ole Will into a cocked hat. Reckon he was fit to be tied with all the corral dust he’d been hearin from Will. Mind you, Will was full as a tick at the time. He tried to tell Buck not to get his back up but, Buck wasn’t havin it. He had a strong hankerin to knock galley west. When it was all said and done, Will was played out but, he’d beefed Buck.”

Scott didn’t say anything for a moment, then he nodded. “Well, Jelly, it looks like you’ve got it all under control. I have an appointment with the books tonight so I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

As Scott walked away, Johnny grinned and said in a voice so low only Jelly could hear, “He didn’t understand a word you said, did he?”

With his hands grasping his suspenders, Jelly puffed out his chest. “Nope, Johnny, not one dad-blamed word.”



August  1920

Johnny and Scott Lancer shuffled out onto the veranda and slowly eased themselves into their rocking chairs. A chorus of grunts wafted through the air. 

“Nice day,” Johnny stated.

“What was that?” asked Scott as he leaned toward his brother.

“I said NICE DAY!” he shouted.

“Ayuh, it is that,” Scott agreed.

They fell silent, just looking out at the view for a while. 

“Hey, Scott. Remember that little filly I almost married?”

Scott snorted loudly then coughed a little. “Which one?”

“The blonde,” Johnny stated in exasperation.

“Like I said, which one?” Scott chuckled.

Johnny rolled his eyes and leaned over in his chair. “The missionary!”

“Oh! Ayuh, I remember. Why?”

“I was just thinkin, is all. She’d a made a good wife.”

Scott shook his head. “Johnny, they’d all have made good wives. You just couldn’t hang onto them.”

Johnny’s eyes narrowed. “Oh yeah. Like that’n what cornered you?”

Scott turned his head slowly to meet the hazy eyes. “At least I got married. At least I had children.”

“Hah! Them two ingrates? You outta be grateful I run ’em off for ya!”

“Oh, I am, brother. I am. You saved our hides for sure. Those two would have taken us for everything. Twerps,” he grumbled the last word. 

“Danged right!” Johnny nodded his head once, hard, then winced and rubbed at it. 

He leaned forward and raised a fist, shaking it in the air. “Hey! Slow down! What’re ya tryin ta do, kill us?” he shouted at the truck that rumbled past on the highway one hundred yards away.

“He can’t hear you. None of them ever hear you,” Scott sighed.

“Hmmph! They can see me. If’n I still had my gun….” he trailed off.

“The policeman told you about that,” Scott warned.

“Yeah, yeah. Still, betcha them trucks’d slow down after they got a few holes in their sides,” he chuckled. 

Scott’s face grew pensive. “Do you ever miss it, brother? The good old days?”

Johnny grew sad and quiet. “Every day, brother. Every day. Hell, I even miss the old man. Though it took ‘im long enough to die!”

“Johnny! That’s not nice!” Scott chastised.

“Oh hell, Scott. You know I loved the old goat. But who woulda thought he’d a lived ta be a hundred?”

Scott shrugged his nonarthritic shoulder. “Gives us hope, though.”

“For what? Who wants to live in this day and age? I’d just as soon kick the bucket than put up with all this so-called progress. Man can’t get a decent nights sleep with all that racket!”

Scott sighed. “Progress! I’ll save that kind of progress, if it is progress, to my grandchildren,” he said sadly as he looked out at the land. 

A few hundred acres all that was left surrounding them. Barns, corrals, livestock – it was all gone now. A family cemetery took up much of the space behind the house.

“Yeah. Or better yet, your greatgrandchildren. Maybe that bunch will have some sense!”



Comments:  We don’t have this author’s current email address. If you leave a comment below, if she reconnects with the fandom, then she will see how much her work is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Drabbles by Winj

  1. This is a very interesting collection of drabbles. Very interesting! I’ll be reading it again. winj, if you ever read this, I want to thank you for sharing!


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