Ready by Wendy K

Word Count 100

Heaving a deep, contented sigh, Scott Lancer stroked his wife’s dark curly hair as she lay with her head on his chest.

She looked up at him and smiled, luminous gray eyes overflowing with love and joy.

“Are we ready, Scott? Are we ready to be parents?”

“Of course we’re ready,” he assured her. “You’re going to be a great mother.”

“The look on your face when I told you…” Delia gave a warm chuckle. “Which do you hope for?”

“Son or daughter, I’ll love it either way.” He kissed the tip of her pert nose. “I already do.”  


Delia Series
The Pocket Watch
Getting Married
Band of Gold
A Schoolteacher from Connecticut
The Sweater
Long Day
The Cradle
A Proper Send-off

To The Cradle

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