Coming Home by Vicki L. Nelson

Word Count 580



Many thanks to my beta, Raian, for her invaluable input!


Who Makes Me Happy #3


The next morning, Doc Jenkins stopped by the Tabor’s to reexamine Scott. After running several tests, he pronounced the patient well enough to travel back home. “I’ll drop by Lancer and tell them to send someone over here with a buggy.”

Scott opened his mouth to protest, but the good doctor cut him off. “Yes, a buggy…you won’t be riding your horse or any horse until I say you can. Understand?”

Scott grumbled a response and Sam snorted. “You’re almost as bad as your brother. However when you earn a medical degree, you may feel free to disagree with my diagnosis and instructions.”

Soon, Johnny drove up with the Lancer buggy and Scott was relieved to see he was alone. Scott still didn’t know what to say to his father and grandfather.

With Johnny helping Scott to the buggy, under protest, Scott turned around and thanked the Tabor’s for their help. Johnny echoed his sentiments.

On the way home, Scott asked his brother why he’d come alone.

“Well, brother. Murdoch and your grandfather have been walking on eggshells since you’ve been gone and I don’t think they know what to say to you.”

Scott sighed.  “Well, I don’t know what to say to either one of them, either. I do know, however, that I need to get them to sit down and tell me the truth about my upbringing.”

“I agree.. I don’t think you’ll be able to get past this unless you talk to the both of them. Just make sure you’re well enough to take it. You’re still having headaches, aren’t you?”

Scott was tempted to lie, but Johnny didn’t give him the chance. “Don’t lie to me, brother. I can tell by looking at you that you’re still in pain.”

“I am, but it’s getting better.”

“You need to make sure your grandfather sticks around for a few days. I think he’s fixing to light out as soon as he lays eyes on you.”

“He’ll stay if he wants to see me again.”  

Johnny had no answer for that beyond a shrill whistle and a shake of his head.

The trip back to Lancer was without incident and Johnny was very careful to avoid any bumps that would jar poor Scott’s head.

As the buggy rolled up to the portico, Murdoch stepped outside to help Scott from the buggy. Scott thought about refusing it, but allowed him to help.

“Welcome home, son. It’s good to have you back; how are you feeling?”

“Fine, sir.” 

Murdoch sighed.; his elder son was, once again, being polite but distant.

Jelly stepped up to take the reins as he greeted Scott. For once, he kept it brief.

As the Lancer men entered the front hall, Harlan was seen to be lingering about.

“Scotty, how wonderful to see you! Tell me, my boy, how are you feeling?”

“Fine, sir. Oh, for the record – I’m neither Scotty nor your boy.”

Harlan looked dumbstruck.

Turning to his father and brother, Scott told them he was tired and was going upstairs to rest. His parting shot to Harlan was, “Grandfather, when I’m rested and up to it, we will have a talk. Please remain here until then.”

Johnny and Murdoch simply looked at each other, wide-eyed, at Scott’s directness.


To Part 4 : Conversation with Grandfather

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